EXCEPTIONAL CONSULTANCY Give Your School The Competitive Edge About Us >>> EXCEPTIONAL CONSULTANCY Give Your School The Competitive Edge About Us >>>

Want to move your school to the next level?

What we do for you

We help your school experience a sharp significant and sustainable growth in population, standard, academic excellence and discipline.
Which ultimately translates to more profitability and better business.

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we combine data and expert analysis to find solutions that give you a competitive advantage.


we leverage internal and external resources which empowers us to produce innovative solutions that support your vision and goals


we create an outline of actions and decisions your school should take to reach its goals and objectives in the shortest time possible.

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About us

A Trusted Business

Welcome to Timray Educational Consult. We are dedicated to impact your school with a superior competitive edge, a focus on staff professionalism and pupils / students academic Excellence / Discipline, that will stand them out as best among their contemporaries and mentors to their mates in all ramifications.


Dr Funmi Oboye


How we help

School Management & Supervision

Management/supervision of schools (on behalf of their owners) in order to ensure a consistent excellent standard in a competitive world as we have today in the education sector.
We ensure that your school maintains a consistent record of academic excellence and discipline

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Staff Training & Retraining

Training and re-training of teachers, head teachers (pry schools) vice-principals, principals and school owners, to sharpen their skills for a continuously improved output, in a competitive market.

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Recruitment Of Qualified Staff

Recruitment of qualified and competent teachers and school heads for schools (teaching and management staff)

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Provision Of Sport Coaches

We provide coaches in sports and games
a. Football
b. Basket ball
c. Table tennis
d. Scrabble
e. Chess

vocational teacher

Provision Of Vocational Teachers

Techers in vocational subjects (as full time or contract staff) are also provided
a. Electrical electronics
b. Catering staff
c. Marketing
d. i.c.t- computer teachers
e. diction teachers

school setup

Establishment & Approval Of Schools

To assist in the establishment and approval of schools through the regulatory bodies

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An All-in-One Solution
for Your School

Complete oversight for operation and management of the school, assessing and monitoring the quality of the educational programming, overseeing accreditation, and planning for additional grade levels/programs as required

We ensure the following

  • Staff professional development;
  • Ongoing school improvement planning;
  • Policy manuals, including students, parents, and staff;
  • Assessment of children’s learning;
  • Parent services;
  • School improvement.
  • and much more…

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Paying attention to what You want, is our topmost priority

Our Core Values


We value honesty, trustworthiness and high ethical standards


We value innovation efforts, ideas and methods to continually improve our business processes.


We strive for excellent performance in everything we do


We value honesty, trustworthiness and high ethical standards


We are passionate about growing our business globally.

Result oriented

We focus on the clearest and fastest path to reach our goals.

Employee Development

We are passionate about growing our business globally.

Constant Improvement

We focus on  constant evaluation of our services, so further improvements can be developed and applied from time to time.

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Competitive Edge

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