Children, Wards or  Students can be counselled together, in a situation where they are just to be guided. This should be on a regular basis. The following tips will be of assistance, as you regularly play your counselling role, in their lives, especially the Teenagers among them, in order to guide them ahead, so that they do not slip off, the slippery path of life, as they go on.         


  1. The Topic should be relevant and purposeful
  2. The atmosphere should be casual and cordial
  3. Ensure that they get conscientized
  4. State why the act is beneficial i.e. if the counselling is geared towards encouraging them to emulate a good deed.
  5. If you intend to discourage them from doing something negative, then let them know the repercaution of towing that line of action, in their own interest.
  6. Let them know in details, what they have to do, specifically, either to avoid the bad acts or practise the good  ones. They need to know how to go about it.
  7. Repeat yourself always, on issues you don’t want them to forget, so that it can be stored in their subconscious minds. Let them know that it is deliberate and it is in their own interest.
  8. Share both direct and indirect experiences with them, in order to buttress your points.
  9. Demonstrate a lot of interest and concern for their future, as you counsel them.
  10. Always lay emphasis on the fact that you are concerned  about their future and success in life.

Tell them repeatedly ,that everything you are telling them, is all about putting their feet on the right path of life, as one who had passed through that way before.

NOTE THIS——–TEENAGERS don’t  like repetition. They see it as a waste of their precious time. This is why you have to let them know, JOKINGLY, that your counselling talk with them ,cannot be effective without repetition and that you are repeating yourself deliberately,  for the purpose of recording it into their subconscious minds, not for the present situations alone but also for the future. They will no longer question it. They will fully co–operate with you and you will be able to make a huge success of the whole exercise.

COUNSELING IS A MUST, FOR A SUCCESSFUL PARENTING, whether as a Parent, a Guardian or a Teacher. This is the end of the topic as a whole i.e. Counseling. In the next lesson, the TOPIC will be——TEENAGERS CAN BE AMAZINGLY EXTRA—ORDINARY, IF GIVEN THE CHANCE.

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