As parents, guardians, teachers and adults around them, many of us are in the habit of underrating them. It has always been so, since ancient times, till now.

  • They have the “I can do it “spirit :
    David and Joseph, whose success stories were narrated in the Bible, were Teenagers, by the time they demonstrated their prowess. David just came to the battle field to give his senior brothers, who were considered old enough to be in the army, some food, probably packed in some food flasks, from home. He killed the giant warrior Goliath, in a confrontational battle, not with any sophisticated weapon, but simply with his Shepherd Staff and five smooth stones, taken from the stream. After he killed Goliath, he cut off his head and handed it over to the king, to the amazement and appreciation of all..
  • Joseph too, had a dream about his ultimate life, from God, as a Teenager and he pursued it to a conclusive end, despite all odds.
  • Our Teenagers have the “I can do it “spirit in them. Let them exercise it:

    They should not be underrated, otherwise, they will not be able to exercise their extra ordinary, God given ability. If David was not given the chance to fight against  Goliath, the Nation of Israel would not have won the battle, on that day.

  • At times, their ideas and suggested solutions to the problem, might sound too childish and unreasonable, but still give them the chance to test it out, as long as the consequences  are not injurious. So, they should be given the chance to behave, reason and act like adults. Believe in them and let them know it. This will enable them to be more confident in themselves, intelligent and result oriented, thereby developing the virtues required to become great achievers and real  goal getters in life.

  • On the other hand, the reverse will be the case, if they are handled like children. So, please, develop the “I can do it” spirit in them, which they already have, in built in their nature, as Teenagers. I will stop at this point and continue from here in the next lesson, on the same topic.

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