Services with Tabs

Management/supervision of schools (on behalf of their owners) in order to ensure a consistent excellent standard in a competitive world as we have today in the education sector.
We ensure that your school maintains a consistent record of academic excellence and discipline

To assist in the establishment and approval of schools through the regulatory bodies

Training and re-training of teachers, head teachers (pry schools) vice-principals, principals and school owners, to sharpen their skills for a continuously improved output, in a competitive market.


Recruitment of qualified and competent teachers and school heads for schools (teaching and management staff)

We provide coaches in sports and games
a. Football
b. Basket ball
c. Table tennis
d. Scrabble
e. Chess


Techers in vocational subjects (as full time or contract staff) are also provided
a. Electrical electronics
b. Catering staff
c. Marketing
d. i.c.t- computer teachers
e. diction teachers